Saturday, 6 June 2009

" Boules au chocolat" A la mode de chez nous !!

Yassin & malika, my kids love to cook but I do not let them because I am usually busy , usually in rush.
This day, I had a cake which I had troubles with it, I had a problem with my oven, so I decided to turn it to a lovely sweet dish "les boules au chocolat"
My kids really like it, I let them doing it totally by themselves.
I had some ganache and the cake and we added some nuts too.
After they rolled it, I left it in the freezer for a while and dipped it into melted chocolate to coat it.
I'll let you with the kids, they will show you how we prepared it.

They are rolling it, but Yassin seems to be a little bit sleepy :))
They were really proud !

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  1. I love this post! They are so sweet!


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