Friday, 31 October 2008

Pumpkin yeast bread

Dear friends

I made a pumpkin recipes festival on an arabic site , on the cooking forum.I made a lot of plates from the pumpkin: salads , jams , cakes & muffins , ice cream , pumpkin pie & this bread.I will show you the pumpkin loaf , it was very tasty and very light, easy & simple to make.I can share the recipe if there is anybody interrested in, let me show you:

the crumb, light,very lightI will never stop making it , wish you enjoy it .Thank you all.
If there is anybody who is interested for the recipe,I published it on my blog on TFL here

Sunday, 26 October 2008

sweedish sweet filled buns, look at the result!!!!!

I tried a recipe for sweeedish sweet filled buns , I made the round shape filled with chocolate pudding "made from scratch" , , the other shape is rectangular and filled with Mango pudding , I found that I have a lot of mango in the refrigerator,so why not to try a new fruity taste in yeasted bakes,I was totally amazed , soooo yummy!!!!!
The kids loved it so much.The dough was very tasty and light.
so I would like to thank " Bridgestone " from TFL for sharing this lovely recipe.
Here you are some of the pics.

chocolate filling

Mango pudding filling

The original recipe is here :-

and here it is my blog on TFL:-

Thanks bread making fans,Happy baking for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

First bread recipe's testing for Peter Reinhart

Today , I tested peter Reinhart's first bread recipe.
First , I have to admit that I am very proud to be one of his new book recipe testers. I think it will be such a great opportunity to learn more and more from him.
The bread was awesome , even it's making was simple!!!!
Would you like to see the result pics.................................

Here it is:-

The loaf before baking process.

I loved the color

The crumb, very light and soft!!!!

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