Sunday, 26 October 2008

sweedish sweet filled buns, look at the result!!!!!

I tried a recipe for sweeedish sweet filled buns , I made the round shape filled with chocolate pudding "made from scratch" , , the other shape is rectangular and filled with Mango pudding , I found that I have a lot of mango in the refrigerator,so why not to try a new fruity taste in yeasted bakes,I was totally amazed , soooo yummy!!!!!
The kids loved it so much.The dough was very tasty and light.
so I would like to thank " Bridgestone " from TFL for sharing this lovely recipe.
Here you are some of the pics.

chocolate filling

Mango pudding filling

The original recipe is here :-

and here it is my blog on TFL:-

Thanks bread making fans,Happy baking for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. hello chahira
    i loved your sweet bread!!!!! really looks yummy but the link to the original recipe is not working can you check it please?
    i am also a fan of baking and i have a good experience with it so i like your blog very much go a head.

  2. congratulation chahira
    the site is great good work
    om shady montada lakii

  3. Thank you Mr or Mrs , I am new in blogging so forgive me , anyway, I put the link,Thank you soooo much for encouraging me,you are welcome anytime,I am looking forward for your next visit.
    Dear Om Shadi , nawartiny we anesteeny,we okbal kol marah,Thank you soooo much.


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