Friday, 31 October 2008

Pumpkin yeast bread

Dear friends

I made a pumpkin recipes festival on an arabic site , on the cooking forum.I made a lot of plates from the pumpkin: salads , jams , cakes & muffins , ice cream , pumpkin pie & this bread.I will show you the pumpkin loaf , it was very tasty and very light, easy & simple to make.I can share the recipe if there is anybody interrested in, let me show you:

the crumb, light,very lightI will never stop making it , wish you enjoy it .Thank you all.
If there is anybody who is interested for the recipe,I published it on my blog on TFL here


  1. wow! I love all the kinds of breads that you make! you're very talented and skilled!
    Happy New Year by the way!

  2. Hello I love your blog, keep up the good job.Could you please post the " Pumpkin Yeast Bread" recipe? Thanks!


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