Saturday, 1 November 2008

Happy Birthday Yassin"sweet Sonson"

Today is Yassin's birthday,He is now 6 years old .

He was used to tell me about some of his school mates ,who celebrate their birthday in the school , I asked him if he likes to share this day with his mates , he was totally excited.

So the mission or the target is :-
Feed 40 kids+5 teachers.
Make something simple and not messy.
So I made cupcakes +mini square shape pizza.

Done!!!!!!!!The kids & the teachers like it soooo much.

For the home celebrating!!!!!

I made of course a special birthday cake, stay tuned, you will watch it on the next posting.

Happy birthday to Yassin,May god bless you,Yaaaa Rab Amiiiiin.

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