Saturday, 1 November 2008

Yassin Birthday's cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Making a birthday cake , makes me very nervous.
sponge nightmares fails are chasing me!!!

Actually , I have my recipe, it did not let me down , I use to make it for 7 years ago,It did not let me down,but "Tension "is my assistant in all my making steps.
I do not know why?????????????

At this day , I have to make cakes for my son's class mates, mini pizza & of course the main birthday cake!!!!Working with Fondant , colors & Marzipan dough made me exhausted!!!!

I have to admit "I AM NOT A CAKE DECORATER"!!!!!!!!!!

I like simple sponge cakes topped with whipping cream and full of fruits.

Actually , I made one last week , it was sooooooooooooo yummmy!!!

Here you are a pic before destroying it?!!?!??!

But for Yassin's birthday, I wanted to make something different,here you are the pic.
It matched the decorated cupcakes that I made for his classmates.
We did not cut the cake yet, stay tuned and I will show how does it look,wait till the night!!!
But I tasted the cupcakes , it was really delicious!!!!!!!
Hmmmm, Did you like my birthday cake??????????

1 comment:

  1. Happy birthday to Yassin and to you as well, November 21st is just around the corner. N


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