Monday, 25 January 2010

Peter Reinhart's new book !!

I've been honored to be one of the testers who worked with the great man Peter Reinhart, he was kind enough to write our names in his book, that really makes me so happy, and of course the book is really awesome, for those who did not buy it i really recommend it, it is a great book as great as his " bread baker apprentice". I made all the recipes and they really became my favorites.
Today I would like to show my latest bakes, it was a present to my old french teacher, she was and still the most wonderful teacher I ever met.
I made for her Brioche "the middle class one " from BBA and also cassatiello, I made also some cinnamon rolls but I used my own recipe, you'll find here on the blog.

Would like to share with you some of the pics ;))

My next post will be about our daring bakers' challenge, wait for me ;)))


  1. Looks gorgeous my friend
    nice dough, i always use the middle man brioche in lots of recipes....
    great photos


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