Sunday, 5 April 2009

Malika's birthday...A long day of hard work !!!

Malika's birthday was 31st of March, I was really ready to start making her cake before the date, but unfortunately and while I was preparing "Marshmallow"because I wanted to make marshmallow fondant and I wanted to prepare my home made version before starting, my finger was cut while I was trying to put my hand in the butter can, anyway I could not complete and my husband also has no idea about kitchen stuff, and my blood falled down in the mixer pot, and what a contrast of colors between the red"my blood" and the white "marshmallow paste", this really hurted me and I stopped for 4 days till I took my decision to restart.

I started first with the fondant and coloring it, after having a whole vision about the design's idea of the cake decoration. "Strawberry shortcake"or "Charlotte de fraises" this animated caracter really inspired me, my kids really like her specially Malika, I watched a cartoon song for "Charlotte" and began the work.

I made sponge chocolate cake, I filled it with "caramel ganache" and frosted the cakes with mousseline chocolate buttercream. I used also caramel and chocolate syrup for the cake.

And started the decoration steps which was really fun but it killed me because I started 3 o'clock and finished 12 o'clock. 9 hours!!! :)))

Yassin & Malika were having fun also.And I was not having any other option..:))))

I made these lovely strawberries using cookies cutters, I really loved it .

And the cake is ready !!!here you are some pics!!
Malika told me that she want to take the cake to the school !!

Simply because her classmates did the same, so i started to think that I have to make a savory dish too, and after thinking I took my decision.

I created this new idea "hedgehogs canapes", from 7 cups of flour, I baked 69 hedgehogs, and as soon as i baked it, there was an invasion in my kithen, they were every where!!!

There was a battle too !!!

But, during all this turmoil, a love story has just begun !!
What do you think he is telling her ????

But thanks God there was not any damages, and all the cute hedgehogs dressed very well to go to Malika's party .
And we did celebrate it at school .
And all the girls enjoyed the cake and the little hedgehog.
but I did not forget and I kept one slice for this pic.
A 3D strawberry, hihihihihih!!

I wish you enjoyed this story, but the saddest part was "my kitchen" I cleaned it 5 times and that was its last condition when I was packing the cake, I thanked him"the kitchen" and kissed it goodbye, does anyone has any suggestion???
Happy birthday Malouuuuuuka and special thanks to Charlotte or "strawberry short cake"!!


  1. Happy Birthday to her!! The cake looks awesome!!! and thank God everything turned out pretty good after your injury :( hope you're feeling better. I love reading your stories :)

  2. Thanks sweet almond, you are very talented and I am happy that you are back on my blog.
    Thanks sweetheart !!

  3. I enjoy your blogging style! Birthday cake and hedgehogs looked so delicious... I'm just thinking your children are very lucky you're showing this much effort. By the way I am Ozge from Foodbuzz! I just added you there. Looking forward to sharing ;)

    Spirited Miu Flavor :

  4. Ismallah aleikeh Ya Rab Yaatiki Alef Souha
    Happy Birthday Malika..Kil Eid w Inti Bikheir... Aren't you Proud that your mom is so talented...
    Chahira... How come you didn't tell me about that part of the story????

  5. Chahira - that cake is gorgeous!! Lucky Malika!! You are one talented lady!!

  6. Your cake looks fantastic and sure delicious.
    Happy birthday ! عقبال مئة سنة يارب

  7. well done, you really have green fingers !!!

  8. Hey thanks for the article. I used it and I sent it to a friend of mine. You should look at posting it on You can put your articles there, do searches, and it links it to other similar articles. You can link it to your page and it has graphs to show you how many people are reading your stuff and if they are finding it useful.

  9. Allah leibarek your children are beautiful! ANd I am sure your daughter was so happy with her Strawberry Shortcake cake for her b-day!

  10. I love the Strawberry Shortcake cake. I love all the great foods you have on your blog. I wish I could make my food pretty like yours :) You are very talented.


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