Sunday, 12 September 2010

My latest cakes !!

I still do not love Fondant but some people love to celebrate their parties with something different..I always confirm that my favorite cake is the one made with fresh cream and fresh fruits..and I know that fondant cakes are just a fashion and it will end soon....fondant is full of sugar and not a lot of people love it..also playing with food that much "shaping figurines or making flowers and shapes" makes me sometimes feeling bad..that some poor people can not even find food to eat so what about playing with it....Anyway I do make these cakes for those who ask for and i think that i will stop doing this one day...when?? do not know yet.
Making these cakes is time and effort consuming...and it is all for the joy of seeing a piece of art.
I'll share with you some of my latest cakes pics.
Chahira Daoud

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