Thursday, 29 January 2009

More Tuiles & more pics!!!!

I really can not stop taking pictures , i wish I can play more & more with this wonderful recipe.
Daring Bakers are the best !!!!!!!!!
A big kiss to all of us !!!


  1. Chahira, your tuiles are absolutely gorgeous - I'm very impressed by the level of detail on your dragonfly! Keep up the good work - your efforts are spectacular!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Eye catching, edible Art!

  3. So, so beautiful. I have shown several people what you have done, because the dragonflies and cups are just so intricate and wonderful. How did people eat them? :) Glad you're a part of the Daring Bakers!

  4. Hi, we're on the same DB posting page and I thought I'd stop by and say hi.
    Wow! fantastic project.
    Yours are so professional! Mine---not so much, but these are inspired :)

  5. Your second challenges - well, you're definitely on the right place with the daring bakers! I love your dragonfly!

  6. Eh Dah El Halawah Ya Chahira....
    koulou bi janin....
    walah Shatra wa Abla Chahira...
    you see I know how to speak Egyptian.

    Amazing work...

  7. What an absolutely beautiful job you did with this months challenge:D

  8. Just beautiful! You have amazing talent!

  9. I love you all, you are really the best, thank you sooooo much.


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