Thursday, 15 January 2009

My chiken pie !!

Would you like to have to get the recipe???

One of my fellows on TFL asked me to share the recipe, of course, I had no problem with that , these request from my friends make me happy , and i promised her to put the recipe next day!!
And I did not, bad bad bad girl!!!

Dear fellow here you are the recipe and pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase forgive me !!!
I am always tooooooo late.
first of all the ingredients:-first for the dough:
-3 cups all purpose flour.
-2 tbls sugar.
-5 tbls of powdered milk.
-1and half tspn of instant yeast.
-1/3 cup of oil.
-pinch of salt.
-cup and half of warm water.
make the dough and knead it well then leave it till double or triple in the meanwhile prepare the staffing...

The ingredients:-
-half a kilo of chiken fillet"breast meat".
-vegetables "onions, potatoes, carrots, green, yellow and red pepper.
-salt and pepper.
Ah I added to the dough, 2 tbls of dried origano.

for topping :-250 gr. of cream
- 4 tbls mayo.
-1 tspn of mustard.
-5 tbls of cream cheese.
I stir fried the chicken after cutting it into strips,in a pan over high heat with a tbls of butter and a little of olive oil.
I added gradually the vegetables in this order, carrots, potatoes, I forgot to tell you about green beans, then onions , and the pepper.
I adjusted the taste and after finishing I added a good amount of green parsley.
Let the staffing cool .
After the fermentation of the dough , start working.
I divided the dough to 1/3 and 2/3 the 2/3 for the ground of the pie , I used a tart mould with removable bottom, and then pour the staffing, then mixing the topping and spreading it over the staffing..I rolled the remaining dough and shaped it using a special roll and put it on the top of my pie , made an egg wash , let the pie for 20 minutes then baked it!!

I did it twice in one week,

first time:

Second time:-

Finally, I am asking you a favor!!!
Enjoy it not laugh at me because of my ENGLISH LANGUAGE!!!
THANK you for not laughing at me.


  1. Your English is fine do not worry. You have some great things here - that chicken pie looks great! I will look at your site more tomorrow. Late here and I am tired. I am in Buffalo NY USA, very near Niagara Falls.

  2. superbe ta tarte au poulet
    bravo, bravo, bravo


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