Monday, 9 March 2009

Lokoms from my kitchen !!!!

Eating Lokoms in the occasion of our prophit Mohammad's birth day,, is a habit and a way to celebrate the day ,, every year we use to buy lokoms but this year, I decided to make it ,it turned out very delicious 100 times better than what we used to eat it...

This time I flavored it with orange and lemon but next time I will try the original taste the one with nuts and flavored with rose water.

Here you are my wonderful recipe

one lemon zest

one orange zest

1/4 cup orange juice

2TB lemon juice

3 cups of sugar

1/2 cup of water

2TB gelatin

2/3 cup of corn starch

3 or 4 of flavor or rose water

food color

1/2 of confectionary sugar for dusting

I put in a medium pan the sugar+water+zests+juice ,,all on a medium heat untill the sugar dissolved .

Leave it to boil for 5 mn untill it reaches the thread point "I used candies thermometer"and do not stir it at all..

Mix the gelatin in 1/2 cup of water and dissolve it on bainmarie, also dissolve the starch in another 1/2 cup of water,,, put both the gelatin and starch mix in the sugas syrup over a medium heat and stir it till it reaches the boiling point put you flavor and food color.

pour it in a mould 17 cm with high bords and covered with foil.

Put it in the fridge till next day , start cutting it after dusting your table with sugar.

Try it , I am sure you will like it!!!


  1. Hi chahira
    thanks for this recipe
    lokoms look delicious
    3id mawlid nabawi sa3id

  2. Not only is your work wonderful, but I love the insights you give us on your culture. Thanks!

  3. Kteer Taybeen!!!!
    Shou hal Helou Hayda Ya sit al Sitat!!!!!!!!!
    Kil Eid Wa Intoum Bi Kheir

  4. Hello Chahira: Happy mother’s day to you.
    Your food looks amazing!
    Beautiful Blog! God Bless

  5. السلام عليكم
    انا حور لعين من منتدي لكي
    لو انتي شهيره من مدرسه المردو ديو قولي لي في المنتدي
    نا كنت معاكي في الفصل

  6. لا والله
    ايوه انا شهيره من الميردى ديو و انتىىىىى مين يا حلوة؟؟؟
    يالا اعترفى
    يا سلام على الصدف....
    مش قادره استنى ....
    الفضول هيموتنى
    اهلا بيكى و عاش من شافك من قبل ما حتى اعرف انتى مين...

  7. السلام عليكم
    ازيك يا شهيره انا نانسي من شله ليله طبعا لازم لتفتكريني عاوزه اكلمك بس في المنتدي لازم بعد 300 مشاركه
    قولي ليا علي طريقه يا شوشو


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