Saturday, 28 March 2009

Pure Egyptian flat bread 100% wild yeast !!

Hello everybody and missing you all !
Phyl Divine named me on his group on Facebook "artisan bread bakers".He named me "Pharaoh of flat Bread ".
I really was very happy but wondering all the time , why ?? May be phyl knows that Egyptians can not eat without the presence of the flat bread on their meals tables .
So I decided to present something about our daily bread in Egypt , may be to try to prove to myself that I really deserve this great title !!!!
O.k I bought this pan shown in the picture, it is better than my oven cause flat breads really need a very high temp. and it is usually baked in special ovens " with three flames".
The pictures will show you this incredible invention for flat breads , let's go ....
First the bread before being baked,,,ah forgot to tell you that I used 100% wild yeast.
Also about the dough , i made two doughs one contained 50% bread flour +50% whole wheat flour, and that is the traditional ingredients for our egyptian bread.
The other dough "which i invented" contained bread flour +whole wheat flour+grounded oats"i grinded it at home"+barley flour and of course wild yeast and tepid water .
let's go ....

"as seen on T.V" HAHAHAHA!

The harvest !! sandwiches for me and my husband, i filled it with pastrami and romi cheese. I wish i had at this time some of our wonderfull home made falafel or foul"beans".

Falafel , I am missing it!!
And here I am....Do I really deserve to be the "pharoah of flat bread"?????


  1. a Shatoura, A Amourah
    Listen is this a Steam Pot??? you used for the bread??

  2. Great post!
    In what form do you use wild yeast? Where can I find a recipe for egyptian flatbread with wild yeast? I've been serching it for about two years...

  3. Salam,

    The bread looks very good and very homey. We live in the US and have no luck making 3aysh Balady. Do you have a recipe for the flat bread you make? Also, whats that weird looking pot you used? I saw pictures of it at:

    Excellent job.

  4. Would love to get the recipe please I miss el3eish el baladi so much, will u post the recipe please????

  5. Miss your blog, where are you Chahira?


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