Saturday, 28 March 2009

We can make Pastrami at HOME !! Let's see !!

I love Pastrami.... All the egyptians do.. We always like it on breakfast as well as on dinner , we put it in pies on pizza and also in our omellette pan.
I use to prepare it at home , from scratch .
For now I will put just a pic and soon I will share the recipe.
I have to post my 4 th challenge with daring bakers.
I am too late as usual . See you !!


  1. Hello Chahira, ypur "bastirma' looks like a real stuff :)
    Please do not forget write the recipe. I love pastrami here in Egypt but don't have any idea how it's made.
    I just found your blog and I love it. My husband will be very happy too :D


  2. hi madame shahira how are you what a wonderful work u made in ur kitchen really u make me feel hungry .
    best wishes
    Ahmed Maged

  3. Hello Madame shahira. It looks so tasty. Your husband must be very happy with his decision to marry you!!



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